Renovating Dynasties Counseling Services, PLLC

What is counseling.......
​Counseling is when a professional counselor/therapist assists and guides individuals with resolving personal, social and psychological issues in a safe and confidential environment.
Here at Renovating Dynasties Counseling Services, our purpose is to bring hope back into the lives of individuals and help them live a productive lifestyle by way of collaboration between client and therapist.

We believe that in order to see change in ones life there must be a willingness to ask for help. Individuals must first acknowledge that there is a problem that is disrupting their life and then make the decision to do something about it. When clients find their foundation unstable we can offer help. We will assist individuals with identifying obstacles and help them find hope, strength and skills to improve the genuine quality of their life. To educate the client is not enough. In order to improve the genuine quality of life success requires participation by all support systems connected with the client. Therefore eventually, we must also include the client’s support system, which can consist of family, friends and community. Clients will then be able to fulfill their personal needs and desires.

Our Motto: “A home is only as strong as its foundation.”